Street Seats 

This week Native NY Gardens installed an all-native educational garden on a Street Seats platform on the corner of St Marks and 6th Avenue in Brooklyn, in collaboration with SkyIce Sweet and Savory, Thai Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor.

Street Seats is a new citywide program that allows local business owners to apply for street side platforms, transforming what would be individual parking spaces into vibrant social areas. Presented with this unique opportunity, Native NY Gardens planted with the hopes of engaging the public by installing an eye-catching garden for SkyIce patrons and passersby to enjoy.

The garden includes spring bloomers such as woodland phlox and foamflower, along with the attractive burgundy and orange foliage of Heucheras and graceful forms of Pennsylvania sedge and woodfern. Native mints such as Anise hyssop and Mountain mint will bloom profusely during the summer, benefiting pollinators and welcoming a leaf pinch here and there from visitors to experience their unique fresh and spicy aromas. Snakeroot, white wood aster and turtlehead will blossom during the fall, creating a wonderful composition as the high bush blueberry and sweet pepperbush turn hues of red, yellow and orange. As with all of our gardens, Native NY strives to create full season interest, not only for people but also for wildlife that depend on the local plant species.

The plants will be labeled with name tags meant to educate, while the natural beauty of the plants are meant to inspire.

Street Seats and local businesses like SkyIce Sweet & Savory, are part of a movement to release the true potential of green space in NYC and Native NY Gardens is happy to be right there with them. We look forward to watching the gardens growth and influence on the community.