Welcome to Native NY Gardens

Who we are

Native NY Gardens is a progressive landscape company based in Brooklyn, New York. 

We're specialist not generalists, focused on using native plants to increase the biodiversity in green spaces. 


Celebrate our nations flora, create habitats for wildlife and inspire the next generation of gardeners. 

Going Native

If you love nature and enjoy gardens, its time to go native! 

Why? Because birds, bees and butterflies need you! There is no better way to give back than with a native plant garden.

We urge you to check out our blog and see some examples of how vital native plants are to a healthy ecosystem.




Own an Oasis 

From the mythical hanging gardens of Babylon, to the backyards of Brooklyn, gardens have always played an important role in human culture.

Now in the 21st Century, where habitat loss is the primary cause for species extinction, gardens have become vital rest stops and homes for pollinators, and birds. 

Invest in a native plant garden today. Own an oasis, and contribute to a culture that is actively making a difference. 



Garden highlights: Spring 2017 blooms

When we teamed up with NY Native Gardens, our quaint backyard was transformed to a flourishing oasis. However, what I appreciated most was the process of working with the Native NY Gardeners. MacKenzie and Johnny are knowledgeable and highly professional. We discussed and planned our desired look every step of the way and the result did not disappoint! I really love our garden! I highly recommend Native NY Gardens to everyone!
— Roberta Baum