Underneath the Weeping Beech

On the corner of Willoughby St. and Washington Park, just to the side of a brownstone, lives an iconic weeping beech tree. For many years this tree stood alone, growing between two slabs of cement. Native NY Gardens felt such an iconic tree needed a complimentary garden, which we proposed to the brownstone's owner.   

The homeowner loved the designs feature of moss, woodland perennials and an unconventional approach to transforming the space. Rather than removing the cement slabs all together, Native NY created a simple two-inch deep wood frame to sit atop the slabs and hold a thin layer of soil. Planted last fall, the garden is now vibrantly blossoming for the spring. 

The gardens extremely showy and delicate flowers of woodland phlox and foamflower are hard to ignore, while hues of soft green from moss, ferns and sedges add a level of sublime, subtle but bold beauty. As a whole, this garden is intended to compliment and not compete with the iconic beech tree that stands weeping above it.