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Native NY Gardens provides a wide range of services from landscape and plant consultation, to garden design and installation, on rooftops, patios, and front and back yards 

Many of our clients are based in New York City but we are also available for residences in upstate New York, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey. Consultation can be provided remotely, anywhere at almost any time! 

Check out our portfolio to see what we've done and contact us today and to talk about your project! 


Services for your business

Basic Consultation

For a flat fee of $200 we can advise you on what plants to use based on your landscape design, site conditions and clients interest. This includes a list of species, their growth habits, soil requirements and estimated amount needed to fill a space.

Advanced Consultation

With advance consulting we’ll provide our list of species, their requirements and attributes but with options to choose from and a list of nurseries where they are available. We’ll also illustrate a scale chart to help you better understand their growth habits. This can include information on the plants bloom periods, key seasonal interests and specific benefits for wildlife. Depending on the extent required for the job we can schedule an onsite appointment for a thorough inspection and dialogue about your project.

Plant Sourcing and Estimates

If your company wants to select their own plants, but doesn’t have the time to source and create estimates for the material, we can provide that service. The benefit to having us performing this service is we know our nurseries very well, and know who provides the best plants based on specific size, species, quantity as well as price. All you need to do is tell us what you want and we will source the plants, and provide comparative estimates within two days!

Plant Sourcing, Estimates and Delivery

With this service we do everything mentioned in our plant sourcing and estimates service but also pick up the plants and deliver them to your site.


All our services can include installation, which we charge by an hourly rate. Installation is hugely important to the survival of landscape plants. If you are having issues with plants dying off after the first year for a variety of reasons, consider calling us. We are plant specialists and understand what each species of plant needs. This pays great dividends, as it's cheaper to do a job right the first time, rather than having to pay to replace plants down the road. We also make sure the site is prepared properly and the soil is best suited for specific plant species. Every job is as important to us as it is to you and your client.


We provide custom hand drawn pencil, ink, or gauche landscape illustrations. These can be used for project proposals, design concepts, special features or observation studies for specific sites. Hand drawings add a special artistic element to any proposal or presentation as a way to compliment and humanize more formal computer generated images or designs. 


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