Winter wonder - Winter Berry

If you want excitement in the off season, we recommend planting Winter Berry in your landscape. Winter Berry (Ilex verticillata) like its cousins American Holly and Ink Berry, are dioecious. Meaning they need male and female plants to produce fruit. So make sure to have both (male and female plants) if you want this spectacular display! Also birds love to eat these berries in late winter when food is scarce, but if your planting for wildlife don't use cultivars but straight species. Why? Some cultivars are selected because their berries last all winter - way into early spring (which is attractive) but also means they never become edible for birds, remaining distasteful and in many ways useless; contributing little to the ecosystem. With straight species birds get the nutrients they need and inreturn, the plant has its seeds dispersed over the landscape contributing the spread of generic diversity, vital to any heathy habitat.