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This winter, Native NY Gardens is purchasing a farm in LaGrange, New York, in order to take our business to a higher level. In doing so, we will be opening our business to three new markets while also expanding the reach of our landscape company, allowing us to raise prices and supply our customers with some of our own plant material. 
The three new markets we are entering are the cut flower industry, the wedding venue industry, and the agri-tourism industry. As you will see in our extensive research, all three markets are very strong and we feel that in many ways, actually compliment each other. 
By buying a farm that is half woodland, we can create hikes around our beautiful flower farm for people to enjoy. Given that the farm has 5 acres of 35 year old high bush blueberries, the farm can easily work as a “pick-your-own,” blueberry destination and over time, we will add more fruit bearing plants for customers to pick from. 
As a flower farm, we will reach out to wedding and event planners and let them know that we can not only supply them with flowers, we can give them a venue as well. When customers come to are farm through our agri-tourism programming, they will find out that the farm can also be booked for private weddings and events, and they may even buy a bouquet of flowers as they leave. 
Below you will find more information on the different aspects of our business. We appreciate you taking the time to go through it. 
- Mackenzie Younger and Johnny Kunen




What we're doing 

Who We Are

We are purchasing a 100 acre farm in LaGrange, New York, and converting it into an all-native cut flower farm, simultaniously serving as a wedding and agri-tourism destination. This will be the first of it kind. 


We are Native NY Gardens, a landscape company out of New York City, focused on using native plants to increase biodiversity and beautify urban green space

Mission Statement 


Creating a natural economic ecosystem that strengthens the bond between people and the environment, one flower at a time.



 1. Grow plants. The New York Flower Farm will grow high-value cut flowers and woody ornamentals. These products will then be sold to visitors, retailers, designers, wedding venues and institutions in New York City and the greater New York area.

2. Beautify landscape. Design and maintain a landscape that is highly efficient, productive and inspiring for people and ecologically beneficial to the local environment.                                                      


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 4. Attract talent for innovation and publicity. 100 acres is allot of land and we intend to share it. Thats why business goal #4 is to attract talent, innovative thinking and wildlife. We call this system "Economic Ecology"


3. Market farm as wedding venue and agri-tourism destination. The New York Flower Farm will not only be a great place to take your family on the weekend to pick blueberries and go for hikes, but a highly desirable place to have a wedding!


Images of Property 

The New York Flower Farm
The New York Flower Farm
The New York Flower Farm
The New York Flower Farm



The farm is located in the town of LaGrange in Duchess County and is easily accessible from the Taconic State Parkway, only a hour and 30 minutes drive from New York City, It's 20 minutes from Beacon and 15 minutes from Poughkeepsie. 


Products and Services


Here are two examples of other successful woody ornamental and cut flower farms: 

Star Valley Farm

"With 165 acres in production and with Chicago as our primary transportation hub, we ship our products as far west as Honolulu and as far east as Boston. We are the largest entirely field-grown cut flower producer in the Midwest – with no greenhouses, minimized fossil fuel use, and stringent soil conservation practices for our hilly terrain. Our customer base includes floral wholesalers, retail grocers, garden centers, floral designers, landscapers, and event planners."


Erin Benzakein

Erin Benzakein is a florist-farmer and founder of Floret Flower Farm. She lives, farms, and writes from her home in Washington's scenic Skagit Valley. Erin is also the author of the Forest Farmer.

"Located in Washington’s beautiful Skagit Valley, our fields are bursting with flowers that reflect the season. From fragrant sweet peas in the spring to magnificent dinner plate dahlias in the fall and countless varieties in between, we harvest only the best of what is blooming each day."

- Erin Benzakein from video below

Dealing with Whole Foods on a local and regional system, its pretty synergistic
— Star Valley Flowers
Started in 2007 and really have doubled every year since!
— Erin Benzakein


         In Conclusion 


        We are at the forefront of what will be a long and laborious effort to turn what is now a barren farm left to weeds, into a living breathing ecological economic center. There are many things in this process that we will need to learn, and one of our strongest attributes is knowing that there are things we do not know. As a company we will look for help wherever we can find it, and will search for experts and innovators to add on to our team. 
       If you would like to be involved with the creation of The New York Flower Farm, you can be sure there is a place for you here. We thank you for taking the time to look over our plan and ask that you please send any and all thoughts, questions and suggestions to our email at 
- Mackenzie Younger & Johnny Kunen