Economic Ecology


100 acres is allot of land and we intend to share it.

Thats why business goal #4 is to attract talent, innovative thinking and wildlife. To do so we plan to implement a system called "Economic Ecology". Economic ecology, like ecological economics believes the environment comes first as the most valuable asset but instead of looking at economics broadly, our economic ecology system will focus on relationships directly on the farm with people and nature as a key factor the success of businesses, socially and financially. This process will include:  

  • Creating a 1000 ft community garden for vegetable production which other people can grown crops in. Produce from community garden will then be sold under consignment in our farm store, in green markets in NYC or on online platform / CSA membership program,
  • Inviting herbalists to grow wild medicines, spices and ingredients for tea's on our land, also to be sold via these platforms. 
  • Inviting beekeepers operate on the farm. We'll be planting rows of trees proven that when foraged on by bees, make some of  best honey in the Eastern United States! The honey will also be under consignment. 
  •  Invite students, researcher and scientists to study local pollinators and wildlife populations which will increase in numbers do the cornucopia of beneficial native plants we will install on the property. These plants will also attract migratory birds which will then attract birders. (*According to the Fish and Wildlife Service, bird watchers spend nearly $41 billion annually on trips and equipment. Local community economies benefit from the $14.9 billion that birdwatchers spend on food, lodging and transportation. In 2011, 666,000 jobs were created as a result of birdwatching expenditures).
  • Establish hiking trails and horse riding trails through our fields of flowers and in our private 5o acre woodlot.  Dutchess County is 1st in inventory number and sales value in horses, 12th in the US.  
  • Allow fishermen to fish in our creek, which happens to be one of best places to fish for trout in the county.  


By having individual but interconnected operations on the property means you so save capital and labor because your collaborators will be generating their own revenue and contributing their own energy. We simply share a portion of the profit based on the resources our land provides (as real estate) and the customers we attract as a distributor. 

Economic Ecology will also create allot of free advertising.  You'll have motivated people promoting the operation out of self invest. So rather than a hiring a PR team, you'll have a village posting to social media every day. Metaphorically, its like a tree with many leaves capturing light, connected by several branches and held together by a singular trunk. This may sounds a little idealistic but we assure you its more practical than fantastical. We want the most bang for the buck, large impact with minimal input. Consumers care about the culture behind products, brand and services more now than ever. 

When its comes down to what flowers to buy, and from who? ...Which farm to visit on a family trip upstate? Where to host one of the most important days of your life?  Who we are, how we function and what makes us special may be that deciding factor.  


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